sexta-feira, 26 de fevereiro de 2010

Cultural Friday

Yesterday was the necessary thing that I needed to cheared up my Week...

Rê, Rô and I went to the theater to watch the adaptation Machado de Assis' Tale "The Devil's Church" and It was an interesting play...

First, Re and I had a fashback from our trip to Guaxupé in April last year, that when we were at the cemetary a woman was singing a certain song, that curiously opened the play... Do I have to say the laughs we had?? No....

Here's a piece of the song, It's Padre Marcelo Rossi's song "Segura na mão de Deus"

" Se as águas do mar da vida quiserem te afogar
Segura na mão de Deus e vai
Se as tristezas desta vida quiserem te sufocar
Segura na mão de Deus e vai
Segura na mão de Deus, segura na mãe de Deus,
pois ela, ela te sustentará
Não temas segue adiante e não olhes para trás
Segura na mão de Deus e vai"

In fact, this song was what I needed to calm my heart down.

After the play, we went to eat at Onda do Peixe, gossip and laughed a looot...

It really was a great day!!

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Renata G.F. disse...

Você achou a letra? Hhahahahahaha
Que demais!!!
Segura na mão de Deeeeeus!!! kkkkk

Amei ontem!!!
Vamos repetir sempre?