quinta-feira, 29 de julho de 2010

My vacation pictures

As I said before, I have never traveled soooo much in one vacation!!!
But it was worth it...
I've got to said goodbye to sooo many people because I guess I won't be seeing them for so long..
It's really nice to see and talk to the people that matters the most for you!
The first trip was to SCS... my hometown!!
I went to my cousin's wedding...
We grew up together and she is the first of us that got married!!
She was a beautiful bride....
After, I went to Guaxupé!!!
I LOVE this Minas City!!
And my "baby" cousins that lives there!!
My third trip was to Alpinópolis/ Ventania!!
Jackie's House... OMG.... I LOVE her hometown and her family!!
They are soooo amazing... I've got to see the second largest replica of the Holy Land, and at night we went to the Venta's Rodeo!!!
Great company generates an awesome trip!!

Last but not least... I went with Ro to Bebedouro!!
I've gotten to know her mother, that is really funny, and her Brother....
We are trying to introduce him to Jackie... he's a really great guy!!
I really enjoy getting to know him!!
And at night, we went to Beb's Cachaçaria with Gui!!
It is a night to remember!!!

I don't have to travel anymore, and that is really sad!!
I really loved my vacation and on Monday I start working again!!
I really miss my students, and I have to enjoy my last moment's with them!!
I really hope I have a lot of fun this weekend!!
Have a nice Thursday everybody!!

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