quinta-feira, 5 de novembro de 2009

Jacksonville Night

Em homenagem a noite de ontem, o post será em inglês.

I had a night fild up with laughter, because I met Jordan, an American guy married to Luiz's cousin.

He is from Jacksonville, Florida, USA.

You won't belive how different their hummor is, a sarcastic and full of jokes, sometimes funny others not so funny, but a lot different.

The night was really great, I've learned a lot to pass to my wonderful students, specially the hand shakes that in the end has a POW, like a bomb blowing on the end of the shake.

I discovered that the beers on the US are much more stronger the ours, and that ours has a similar taste with theirs light beer, that has low calories.

I've learned much more stuff in just a few hours.... I just wished I had more time to stay talking to him, to learn a little more about the culture that I teach.

Today I will teach my students a little more about the culture and specially the hand shakes that I really liked.

I'd like to thank my beautiful "sister and my brother-in-law" for the oportunity to talk to him.. It really cheared up my night!

See you...


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Rê Guimarães F. disse...

It really was a delicious night!
We want much more!!! hahaha