domingo, 20 de junho de 2010

Brazil x Ivory Coast

And I knew it... we WON... 3x1 against the elephants in Ivory Coast.... Today our players really showed how to play soccer... they showed sooo much that after the third goal the stupid elephants got agressive and start literaly attack our players, and the referee, I think he was cheering for the Ivories, after one of them trully throw himself on Kaká, he expelled him from the game... MOF referee... He didn't do anything.... but as we say here in BR... "Apelou, perdeu" and they did... THEY LOST... 3X1

But the game wasn't the only reason we went to Jordiano's today... tomorrow is MARA'S B-DAY... and she is an AMAZING friend that I have and carry deep in my heart... she is trully special and sweet...She has been my company in many hang outs for a long time, and I hope it'll be for many years to come yet!!

This is a picture of the girls... our table... the prettiest one there!!
We won T-shirts, laughed, drank shots of tequila for each goal that Brazil scored, sang, whistled, yelled, shouted, knocked on the table each goal, fault, we even cursed the refereee for the unfair thing that he did at our players....

And I know that untill the end of the World Cup will be like this!!!

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