terça-feira, 22 de junho de 2010

These Boots are made for walking!!

Recently I've discovered that I'm a MAJOR shoes lover!!
And one item that I think that is the winter most fashion item is the Boot!!
It's sexy, fashion, and with the right clothes ULTRA CHIC!!

Ankle boots, long boots, on the knee, narrow point, cowboy boots(cowgirl is better), with or without heels, plataform, buckskin, leather, round point.... any kind of variation I think is great... I think that with the right combination of clothes any type of boots can match!!

I don't like who puts a really small skirt, with an open blouse that you can almost see anything beneath it, and put a long boot, that streches your leg(because that is he effect of a high heel, specially in boots) and goes out looking like Julia Robert in Pretty Women... Please guys, this looks good only on her but is still part of her caracter, she was a hooker...
For me, boots with mini skirt or shorts are beautiful when the blouse you use with doesn't have a low neckline, showing the breast or showing the belly, goes from sexy to cheap clothes, and a really bad taste... With this bottom parts I recomend a blouse more closed, and that doesn't show a lot of skin... specially because the season that we wear boot colder... so if you wear a blouse so open most likely you'll get a cold!!

These three for me is the best ones... the models are great... specially the Jill Stuart and the Lacoste. The Oscar de la Renta is beautiful, but is a classic black leather boots!!

The first two pictures for me are IDEAL... the others I would change the length of boots... a little lower for me would be better!!

I want a Marc Jacobs... but, I wouldn't wear with this outfit... I would just put a black dress and a black coat... or a white coat with a light pair of jeans... just to show more of the boot!!!

This one is really cute... each one of these outfits looks great with it, specially the first and the last one.

Now these... these are my dream boots... is pink, and cowgirl style... this I would wear in a party in TEXAS... dancing country music and having a great time... A mini jeans skirt with a white T-shirt and a cute jacket.... would be awesome...
I'll have it someday... when I do, I'll take some pictures!! lol...

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