segunda-feira, 2 de agosto de 2010

As time goes...

And august has began.... I think this year is passing quickier than last year!
This mean the changes that my life has to pass in the second semester is starting... and to be true my heart is hurting each day that passes, each minute left behind on the clock... each today that tomorrow will be yesterday...

Is very exciting and cool to wait for this changes... frightening, scaring and a little sad when I think I have to leave so many people, to face my life without the ones I love the most... stop seeing people that for me are my life... are my soul... are myheart!!

I wish I had had more time to see, do, and try the things I wanted... but time passes, seconds flies and the minutes are my worst enemies!!

I have a contradiction of feelings, emotions and thoughts in my head, that are really annoying!!! I want to be over with it, but I don't want to say goodbye!!

But that's life... that's why we have to live like it is our last day!!

Have a nice night!!

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