terça-feira, 3 de agosto de 2010


Some road take us to somewhere we don't want to go....
but the stones we find in our way are what we need to find out somethings that are hidden just below our eyes and nose.
I have learned so much this year... and I am a lot more sure of the things I want and the ones I don't want... especially this last one...
But today, after a busy work day and a few stones in the way I've learned, no, I've relearned something that my mom always told me, and I think that now I have finally understood!!
I have to put in use the word NO in my vocabulary... I say YES to almost everything.. and most of the times it has brought me great opportunities and accomplishments... but sometimes, saying YES always take me to some road that makes me feel bad with others and especially with myself...
I'm tired of saying YES and NO to the wrong things... and always getting hurt with it!!
I was always the one who said yes... but now, this girl has changed, no more only YES, the NO is part of my vocabulary!!!
With this I learned how to separate the things that are for me accept and the ones that are not!!
I'll take this forever and ever, and I'll pass this knowlegeto my students, to the kids I'll be taking care of, and hopefully one day... my own kids... maybe they will take sometime to learn like I did... but they'll remenber me when they do!!

Saying YES is a blessing, it brings you amazings things in life... but knowing how and when to say NO is the biggest wisdom any person could have!!

Hopefully, I'm the newest wise girl!!!

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